A Mission for Each of Our Customers

Agency Mission

While our mission is short, its implications could not be more important. Military men and women, Peace Officers, Fire Fighters, Emergency Service Personnel, and Intelligence Officers, all make up a very small but important sector of professionals in our great nation. Everyday, in varying ways, these individuals put their lives on the line. They get no great financial reward. Often, they are not treated with the respect and admiration they so richly deserve. Still, we all should be keenly aware that they are all heroes in our midst.

At Dix Enterprises, we understand the rigors that these professionals go through each and every day. We also understand that all should be given every opportunity to go home to their families after each mission. We market products that help make getting home to their families a reality.

It seems lately that, perpetrators, terrorists, felons, receive the best equipment available. (They even seem to get the best lawyer’s to help them skirt the legal system!) We are here to be sure that our Hero’s get the very best. We work with any agency, on making every day a safer one. We will help specify any safety product with your city/state purchasing department. We will constantly strive to be sure that your purchasing department does not accept a lower quality/lower money bid alternative.

We will work with only the very best manufacturers, marketing only the very best products, that are independently certified, and guaranteed to perform. While we do not sell products directly to agencies, we can and do work closely with our distributors to get you the best possible product at the best possible price. This is our promise to you.

Dealer Mission

We work very hard to protect our dealer base against “stamp licking” competition. As you can see in the Agency Mission- our PRIMARY concern is the agency and the professionals within the agency. By putting the end use customer first, we can assure you, the loyal DE Dealer that you will have preference in most cases as it relates to agency purchases and bids.

At Dix Enterprises, you as the dealer can rest assured that we will never bid any product, which we represent, direct. It is a tough business climate, without having to bid against your supplier. We understand.

Manufacturer Mission

If you, the manufacturer, of an outstanding public safety product, need representation into the public safety arena, the US Government, the US Postal Service, or Homeland Security, in the primary market of DC, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, we would be happy to put together a proposal for your company. We excel in securing test and evaluations in every major agency in the represented market area. Additionally, we have every major dealer/distributor contact in the represented market area. If your product excels in the category for which it is used, we can get your company large market share. We are happy for you to contact any company we currently represent for a recommendation; however, we ask that you make us aware of any anticipated contact. There is no harder working representation in the market today.

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